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Behaviour in Schools

Interesting read of Tom Bennets Education Summit back in March 2023

'Tom Bennett pointed to research that found around one in five teachers did not think behaviour was good or better and that one in three did not know how to improve it.

Positive Behaviour management is so so important within schools as a way of safeguarding our staff and our children. Research states that Ofsted says that 88% of schools are ‘good’ or ‘outstanding’ for behaviour. This statistic shows just how important positive behaviour management truly is.

Research suggests that one in ten teachers are physically assaulted. You may have heard recently about a school in Scotland where a teacher was hospitalized after being attacked by a former pupil. This highlights how vital staff training is to increase safeguarding and staff co

nfidence when dealing with challenging behaviour.

No body deserves to go to work or to school to get physically or verbally assaulted.

Positive Behaviour Management Training

Sendtac Ltd are licensed to deliver Team Teach;

accredited (by Institution of Conflict Management ICM), award-winning training in positive behaviour management strategies at an affordable and competitive cost.

Team teach has a strong emphasis on relationships and the attributes that drive behaviour. Our focus is 95% understanding behaviours and focusing on de-escalation and 5% the use of intervention. This is emphasised throughout our courses.

When booking with Sendtac Ltd, we will complete a pre-visit with you to discuss your training needs to make our training bespoke to you.

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