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Reasons Why Training in the summer holidays is beneficial

What springs to mind when you think of Summer

Sunshine? Summer Holidays? Holidays Abroad? Time with Family and Friends?

We believe that the summer holidays are very effective and useful in providing whole setting training and below we have listed some reasons for you to see.

Summer Prices

We are having a slight increase in our prices in September, so it is the perfect opportunity to get your training booked to secure it for the best possible price.

Take advantage of more availability

We do a lot of works with schools, and because of the summer holidays and schools being closed, our availability is increased.

did you know, we also offer weekend and late night training?

Nurseries usually quieter during the summer

Nurseries are usually a bit quieter because childrens older siblings are off, parents and carers are taking tame off.

More time for you

We can spend more time pre course, post course, advising you on what you need.

You can see a list of our courses here. We can do these face to face, virtual, however you want.

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