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More About Sendtac Ltd

Sendtac Ltd are an established team of specialist practitioners with many years of experience supporting children and advising parents and educators with all aspects of Special Educational Needs and Disabilities.


Sendtac was formed in 2018 following LEA cuts to many Inclusion Services across England, we made the exciting decision to leave the LEA and set up our own company delivering early years training and offering consultancy/support services.


We are made up of Specialist SEND teachers, Consultancy, Paramedics, Firefighters, Children's Home Residential Management. Having a diverse background helps equip us with specialist knowledge and experience. This enables us to offer high quality training.

Our goal is to increase staffs knowledge and confidence through our high quality training to really empower our children today. We believe that there is no one better to train you, than someone who has experience and a real understanding of your job.


That is us.

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