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CPD Training Suite

Sendtac Ltd have been awarded a grade one, centre of excellence by CPD.

Scroll through our diverse range of CPD training courses. We offer both whole day and half day courses. All of our CPD courses come with an accredited CPD certificate.

How to book

Please download our booking form and email to to book onto our upcoming courses. 

Little Girl Raising Her Hands

Speech, Language and Communication Needs

Half Day - 3 Hours 

Discover ways to identify, support and develop the speech, language and communication needs of children in your setting using practical strategies.

Girl with Teddy Bear

Attachment Workshop

Half Day - 3 Hours

Find out about attachment theory and styles and how they have a direct impact on a child’s development and behaviour.

Explore ways to identify and support children and families in your setting.

Children playing at kindergarden

Understanding Behaviour

Full Day- 6 Hours

Explore ways to understand children’s behaviour and manage it in a positive way. This one day course will provide you with useful strategies, resources and practical ideas to audit your practice and manage behaviour in setting.


Sensory Processing

Full Day- 6 Hours 

Identify and understand sensory differences in children in your setting. Study the SEVEN senses and understand sensory behaviours. This course will provide you with strategies to adapt the educational environment to meet the individual needs of the child.

Antistress Sensory Toy

Advanced Autism Practice 

Full Day- 6 Hours 

Further develop ways for managers and leaders to adapt and improve whole setting practice. This course will provide you with practical advice to support you to implement an action plan for your setting.



Half Day- 3 Hours 

Gain a deeper understanding of what Dyspraxia is. Explore the signs of this and how it is diagnosed.

Crib Mobile

Early Identification of SEND

Full Day - 6 Hours

Find ways to identify and support children who may have Special Educational Needs and Disabilities (SEND) in your setting.

This whole day course will provide staff with strategies to support children to make progress in mainstream settings.

Baby with Hearing Aid

Foetal Alcohol Syndrome Disorder (FASD)

Half Day - 3 Hours

This course will give you lots of information about the characteristics of Foetal Alcohol Spectrum Disorder - explaining that as it is a spectrum condition there will be varying needs also some similarities


Trauma Informed Practice

Full Day - 6 Hours

This course will help you to recognise and sensitively respond to children and young people who have experienced trauma.It will explore what a trauma informed approach looks like and an opportunity to reflect on your own practice. It will give you strategies and Interventions for working with young people that have experienced trauma.

Autism Therapy

Improving Autism Practice

Full Day- 6 Hours

Gain a deeper understanding of how to support children with autism in your setting. This course will provide delegates with a range of practical strategies and a bank of useful resources to take away and use to meet the individual needs of the child.

Happy Girl with Glasses

Down's Syndrome

Full Day- 6 Hours

This course will help you gain a greater awareness of Down’s Syndrome. It will outline ways to address the specific learning needs of the children you work with, and provide you with strategies and interventions for managing behaviour.



Half Day - 3 Hours

Gain a deeper understanding of what Dyslexia is. Explore the signs of this and how it is diagnosed.



Half Day - 3 Hours

Discover how ADHD presents in children and how it is medically treated. Understand why children develop ADHD and how its diagnosed. This course will help explore strategies to help children with ADHD in your settings.


Neuroscience and Self-Regulation

Full Day - 6 Hours

Fire Alarm

Fire Safety

Full Day - 6 Hours

Discover and explore the three components that result in a fire. This course will look at the behaviour of a fire, how to prevent and protect against a fire and also the different types of fire extinguishers.  

Child Psycholgist

Mental Health

Full Day - 6 Hours

Eating Dumplings

Understanding Eating Disorders

Half Day - 3 Hours

This course will look at the different types of eating disorders, what causes them, signs to look out for and will discuss the different myths behind them. This course will also help you to build on your skills to best support those suffering with eating disorders.

Modern Architecture

County Lines

Half Day - 3 Hours

Gain an in-depth knowledge of the individual structures of the brain and how they relate to self-regulation.

This course will increase your understanding of brain development from conception through to the end of Key Stage One.

Prescription Drugs

Substance Misuse

Half Day - 3 Hours

Smoker with Baseball Cap

Knife Crime and Gang Culture

Half Day - 3 Hours

First Aid

Self Harm

Half Day - 3 Hours

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