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After leaving school, I went straight into an apprenticeship where I gained a qualification in Customer Services and Business Administration working at a College in Rugby. Here I was able to support with the day to day running of the college whilst helping younger students who had enrolled there. I was able to build on my customer skill base and it made me happy to see that I made good relationships with all customers, learners and other staff that worked there, which is something that I am extremely passionate about.


When I was approached by Sendtac to take on the role in business support, it was an easy decision to make as I had always wanted to be part of an organisation where I could continue to utilise the skills. My current role includes liaising with other professionals in this area and supporting the staff and directors at Sendtac. I have also attended a selection of courses that has given me a greater insight as to what support individual children need.  We are always busy, but I enjoy the fast paced work life, but best of all, the positive outcomes for the children that we work with. 

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