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After finishing school i went onto University where i studied Criminology. Whilst doing my degree i was lucky enough to volunteer as a mentor for a project working with a local prison to help re-integrate them back into society upon their release from prison. This is where i found my passion in supporting people and seeing their potential. I saw how vital it was to have that support network around you to succeed. 

Whilst i was working with adults, i understood how important childhood was. So once i finished i applied to work with children and was successful in my application as a Youth Support Worker, working with young people aged 10- 18.  I got so much job satisfaction working with these children, being a positive role model, safeguarding them, making happy memories and being part of a team who orchestrated positive outcomes for them. 


It was of course challenging at times, but for me this was enjoyable as there was something new each day.  It was amazing for me to see these children succeed into adulthood, knowing that I played a role within this.  Due to my experience and various qualifications whilst working in Residential, I was offered a role as the Business Manager at Sendtac and for me this was perfect as I had experienced working face to face with the young people and knew first hand about their own individual struggles and issues. 


Now I am able to lead a team, support and advise our customers around specific needs and liaising with our trainers to promote further support and continue to promote positive outcomes for the services and most importantly the children that they work with.       

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