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I discovered my vocation to work in early years after having my own children.  They are now at university, however, my passion for the sector has not diminished.  During my career I have been lucky enough to undertake learning and development opportunities which have enabled me to expand my knowledge and hone my skills including achieving Early Years Professional Status.  I feel inspired when I learn something new that can make a difference to the lives of children and families.  I believe as practitioners we constantly learn from every child, family and colleague we encounter. 


Over the years I have supported children from a variety of backgrounds with differing needs including EAL, SEND and SLCN.  My aim is to pass on the expertise I have gained from working in a range of settings to motivate others to aspire to support our youngest children in a way that enables them to have fun, enjoy the experience of being children and help them realise their unique potential.

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