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Starting my career at the age of 17 on a voluntary basis, I took gradual steps towards my current role as a Trainer and Mentor, accumulating a wealth of experience through various educational pursuits and diverse industry roles in the childcare sector. This journey has shaped my expertise in bridging gaps and fostering inclusivity within diverse communities.


As a Training and Development Specialist with a global footprint in the UAE, UK, and the subcontinent, I offer a comprehensive suite of training, mentoring, and coaching services aimed at enhancing child development practices and empowering the workforce & parents to create a lasting impact on their roles. 


Drawing upon my multicultural proficiency in Urdu, English, Punjabi, and Hindi, I have successfully engaged with individuals from different backgrounds, raising awareness in critical areas such as healthcare, child development, and positive parenting practices. My inclusive approach extends to supporting trauma-impacted families and young children, providing them with the necessary guidance and assistance during challenging times.


 As a dedicated Trainer and Mentor, guiding families in nurturing meaningful relationships with their children, Drawing from lived experiences working with trauma-impacted families and young children, I advocate for a play-based learning approach that fosters a positive foundation for lifelong growth and development.


In my capacity as a Trainer and Mentor, I am dedicated to nurturing stronger family bonds and advocating for environments where children can thrive and flourish. Through my training initiatives, I prioritise cultural sensitivity and understanding to ensure that individuals from all backgrounds feel valued and supported on their educational journey. By merging my knowledge in child development with a deep passion for education, I aspire to empower families, young children, and professionals to achieve growth and success within a supportive and inclusive environment.

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