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Our First Blog

Special Educational Needs and Disabilities Training and Consultancy- SENDTAC

Hi all! We are going to be trying out blogging (this is a first for us!- so bear with us!).

Who are Sendtac? We are a specialist education needs and disabilities training and consultancy service, that's where our name derives from! Our journey started with Sharon and Kate, back in 2018. They decided to set up Sendtac following LEA cuts to many inclusion services across England. This was a scary, but a very rewarding thing to do! Now our company is growing, as well as employing more specialist staff, not only from educational provisions, but from social care, children's residential and uniformed services.

We are continuously adding to our wealth of training courses with many of the courses being CPD accredited. Who is better to provide your specialist training needs than people who have decades of experience, understand your job and have gone through the same issues that you have. So, feel free to browse through our website and get in touch with us for a cost effective, money saving training. Courses not listed may also be devised specifically for your service needs.

This is a photograph of Kate, Maddie, Gaz, Emma and Sharon!

Thank you for reading our first blog- i promise they will get better!

Please follow our blog journey as we will share tips, upcoming news, facts, stories, personal stories, advice and so much more!

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