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The benefits of using Team Teach in early years settings

At times all children can become dysregulated and will struggle to express their emotions and needs appropriately.

This can be particularly challenging for our younger children. For those of us working in early years settings supporting children with self-regulation is a daily occurrence, it's even mentioned in the new EYFS.

Little ones often find it challenging to understand and communicate their emotions, a difficulty that has become even more apparent over the last three years, with many of our children missing out on vital opportunities to learn how to interact and communicate with each other.

That's where Team Teach can help... Team Teach is a great way to explore ways to support, reassure and de-escalate children who become dysregulated and unsafe in your setting.

Our holistic approach encourages you to look at your own practice as a practitioner as well as ways that you can communicate and safely support children of all ages in your care. Your adult approach can make all the difference.

Team Teach provides you and your team with skills and strategies to adapt your approach and help those children to find a better way to express themselves in a safe and nurturing environment. The sessions are fun, interactive and bespoke to the individual needs of your setting.

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