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Benefits of using Visuals

Using words can be overwhelming, easy to forget and, for some children, hard to process. Using clear visual images around your setting provides a great way of supporting children to become as calm and settled as possible, and therefore reduce anxiety.

Using visuals cards can be a supportive way to communicate for a child with speech and language and communication needs including children with autism.

Visuals help to provide structure and routine whilst helping to build understanding and reduce anxiety. Using a simple visual routine allows a child to know what is happening and when which is particularly important for children with autism. It can be used as a positive intervention to avoid frustrations whilst encouraging some independence.

Visuals can come in the form of:

• Objects of reference

• Photographs

• Coloured Pictures

• Black and white Symbols

• Written words

• Plain squares of card or paper with drawings

There are different kinds of visual supports and for you and your child and when introducing them it can feel a little trial and error to find which works best for you.

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